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I cannot see any reason why you should not become closer as friends. I’ve had girls tell me they could never “go there” if their friend had hooked up with a guy randomly two years previously and it didn’t work out. He has therefore proved, that He is Just Not Into You at All Anymore, and as such, has no right whatsoever to have an opinion on who you hang out or hook up with. In summary, Jen, I think you an Ex’s friend should feel free to see whether there is the potential for something special between you, without any regard whatsoever for the feelings of Ex.It sounds in this case like there may be a mutual attraction, though you are concerned about the timing; it is probably still too soon. The utterly ridiculous and absurd Man Code aka Bro Code. In fact, I would argue that he has a moral obligation to wish the best for you, and if that means seeing you with his good friend, so be it. So it’s very common for one person or the other to feel an attraction, and to communicate those feelings either in subtle or direct ways.If the attraction is mutual, the friendship changes as the relationship shifts. There is a slightly less extreme variation that requires you to ask permission of said friend.It was easy, though to tell the truth it was always easier when they were also in relationships.Now that I hang out with a lot of married couples, the friendships are really comfortable and devoid of tension. When people are in committed relationships, they usually choose not to act on the feelings of attraction that arise toward others.Originated by Maxim magazine, the Man Code gives guys permission to act like idiots.

They are free to explore any impulses or urges that arise.We can all blame tequila for the sloppy bathroom hookup, hooking up with a friend's ex, making out with coworker or thinking someone's a "10" only to realize in the morning that he or she ranks far lower.While none of these tainted trophies are of good nature, you can only live and learn from them.As much as this may hurt the people involved, you have to put yourself first. If there is hope for you and your friend or partner to rekindle the flame, telling the truth and clearing the air will allow you to start fresh and define how well you can forgive and provide each other with honesty.If this person is unable to deal with the truth, then maybe there's a reason for that, and your relationship was never meant to work out, whether a friendship or love.

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In fact, they neglect and repress those feelings so successfully that sexual tension does not have the opportunity to develop.

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